Installation services

Installation services

Worry Free Home Improvement Reinvented!

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Take advantage of our complete installation and renovation service for all your residential needs offered through our partner, RénoTrust. You will have no deposit needed before the start of a job, full RénoTrust warranty (or ACQ warranty plans for projects $5,000 and over), certified experts with the right qualifications, access to flexible and affordable financing, letter of satisfaction signed by client before paying and for projects $5,000 and over, inspection by an ACQ warranty plan expert during the job. You will enjoy total peace of mind and service that meets your expectations. Let’s get started now! 100% guarantee, zero worry!

Why do business with us?

When you hand us your project, you get security and peace of mind never before seen in the residential renovation market:

  • Work carried out by accredited, hand-picked experts.
  • A solid, long-term warranty.
  • Regular quality control and constant communication for optimal information sharing.
  • A signed contract with a competent, transparent and honest company.
  • Financial support, if needed.
  • Information about your rights.

Complete satisfaction guarantee

Our ultimate goal is nothing less than your full and absolute satisfaction! To this end, we have implemented a system that lets you make adjustments along the way if you are not fully satisfied. Plus, you do not have to make the final payment until you have confirmed in writing your complete satisfaction.

 All renovation projects come with a warranty plan that covers:

  • Visible defects.
  • Hidden defects for a period of two years.
  • Construction defects for a period of five years.
  •  An impartial dispute settlement system.
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Tips from experts

Free in-store pickup

Free in-store pickup

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Shipping to your home

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Free in-store returns