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Security and Privacy


The term personal information refers to any information you provide to Patrick Morin while registering or making use of its Web site.

Certain of the site’s services or functionalities require that you provide personal information while registering. You can refuse to provide personal information at any time (please be advised that this could prevent you from making use of some of the site’s functionalities). Should you agree to provide the requested information, rest assured that it will solely be used to enable access to site contents and functionalities.

Personal information permanently and anonymously stored by Patrick Morin may be used for extracts, statistical compilations or roll-up analyses.


Groupe Patrick Morin is committed to protecting your privacy as regards its Web site and to upholding the integrity of all information that could identify you which it obtains, uses, holds or discloses through its Web site.

Patrick Morin undertakes to refrain from providing any such information to companies or third parties unless it has previously received your written consent. Our Web site was not designed for gathering personal information that might enable user identification, except in those circumstances and for those purposes specific to site functions.

Patrick Morin undertakes to never sell, disclose or display your personal information on search engines, or to make available any other method allowing for the sale, disclosure or displaying of your personal information.

Along with you, only Patrick Morin management staff and employees and persons whose activities we supervise will be authorized to view, use and modify your personal information.


Patrick Morin will not disclose your personal information or use it for reasons other than those for which it was collected, unless it is bound to do so under applicable laws or by a competent authority.

Should Patrick Morin be required to disclose personal information, in compliance with the above provisions, we will only share the information required and if practical and reasonable, sign confidentiality agreements with any third parties to whom such information is disclosed.


Your personal information will be securely stored on our servers or those of Patrick Morin’s trusted partners. In compliance with the previous section, Patrick Morin will not disclose any personal information to third parties unless it has received the written consent of the user or his duly authorized representative.


The online purchase of gift cards can only be done with a credit card, and payment must be made in full. The total amount due will be billed to the purchaser’s credit card once the transaction has been finalized on Patrick Morin’s Web site. The following credit cards can be used:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard

The credit card used must have been issued by a Canadian financial institution.

Patrick Morin has partnered with Optimal Payments to ensure an authorization process where transaction-related data is transmitted through an encrypted system (SSL, or Secure Socket Layer) that complies with PCI standards. The https: at the start of the secure page’s Internet address attests to this particular feature as well as to the browser’s use of encrypted transmissions to send and receive documents or other data, thereby ensuring the confidentiality of all communications. At the time of purchase, payment information is sent directly to Optimal Payments for verification, meaning that banking data is at no time stored in Patrick Morin’s systems.

Patrick Morin retains the right to check the validity of a given purchase with the cardholder of the card used for the transaction.


Patrick Morin gift cards are shipped to customers by Purolator, with such shipments subject to Purolator’s shipping terms and conditions. Once an order is confirmed, the delivery time is between 2 and 5 business days. All orders submitted after 12:00 p.m. (noon) on Friday will only be processed on the following Monday, hence the first business day of the subsequent week.

Gift card delivery is free everywhere in Québec. Delivery fees may apply for shipments outside of the province.

In light of the shipping times involved, only those gift card orders paid for and received prior to December 17, 2014 will be processed within a timeframe allowing for a delivery on or around December 24, 2014.

Customers may in no instance hold Patrick Morin responsible for any delays in the delivery of one or more Patrick Morin gift cards, and this even if the orders in question were paid for and received prior to December 17, 2014. Patrick Morin, moreover, will not compensate customers for gift cards received after December 24, 2014.

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