Online Experience

Why do I have to choose a store?

Selecting a store allows you to customize your navigation on the site according to the Patrick Morin store chosen. It also allows you, among other things, to see the availability of products in your store.

Can I change stores when I browse the site?

Yes, it is always possible for you to change the selected store. By changing your store, the availability of certain products may change.

I don't see the price for some products. Why?

The price of some products, including building materials, is not available online due to market price fluctuations. Also, some products are not available for sale online and the display of the price is restricted. For prices for these products, do not hesitate to contact an in-store consultant.

Are all in-store products displayed on your site?

Most of our products are online, but some products may not be displayed due to certain factors.

How can I see product availability in a store?

The site always shows you the quantity available in your store, depending on the selected store. If product inventory is not sufficient for your project or if a product is no longer in stock at the selected store, you can, at any time, view the inventory of the other Patrick Morin stores. Please note, however, that for operational reasons, products cannot be transferred between our stores.
We do our best to present an inventory that is as accurate as possible. However, there may be some variations depending on products and stores. 

Will items that are currently out of stock be available again?

Yes, we do reorder most of the items that are displayed on the site, except for liquidation products.

Are the product descriptions accurate?

We do our best to provide you with relevant and accurate product descriptions. However, some errors may occur. Patrick Morin reserves the right, at any time, to correct errors in the product sheets.

I placed an order online and did not receive a confirmation email. Why?

For reasons beyond our control, some email companies block the forwarding of emails or simply direct Patrick Morin's emails to the spam box. We invite you to check this box. If you still have not received anything, write to us at the following address: [email protected].

What are the payment terms for online orders?

Online orders can be paid with a credit card such as Visa or Mastercard. 
However, Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards are not accepted on our website. In addition, it is unfortunately impossible to pay with a gift card on our site.

In-store Pick-up & Delivery

What shipping methods are available?

It is possible to obtain your order in 3 ways:

  1. Parcel delivery
  2. Pick up in store
  3. PM truck delivery

If you prefer to receive your order by mail, Parcel Delivery is offered everywhere in Quebec.

Some delivery fees may apply depending on the amount of your order. Parcel delivery is free for orders of $100 or more. Certain conditions apply.

If you prefer in-store pickup, it is also possible! Place your order in the morning and pick up your purchases the same day. You will have a maximum of 10 days following your online order to pick up your products in store. An email indicating that your order is ready will be sent to you. You must wait for this email before coming to the store.

Delivery by PM truck is available on all our products with the exception of dangerous or chemical materials and those that are sensitive to freezing. Some tools will also be excluded for safety reasons.

At the time of delivery, you will need to provide your name and order number (WEBCXXXXXX). We also accept delivery representatives. The person receiving the goods will also need to provide this information for validation purposes. 

Please note that a $60 delivery fee is applicable for delivery by PM truck. Additional charges may be added depending on the type of PM truck required for delivery.

What are the shipping costs?

A $60 delivery fee is charged for orders delivered by PM truck.

Enjoy free parcel delivery on orders over $100. Under this amount, shipping charges will be added to your order based on your order total.

 Order Total  Shipping Costs
$0 – $24,99 $4,99
$25 – $49,99 $9,99
$50 – $74,99 $14,99
$75 – $99,99 $19,99
 $100 and over  Free


How far do you deliver?

Our PM trucks deliver up to 50 km from each store.

Parcel delivery is available anywhere in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

What products are available for parcel delivery?

Products available for delivery by parcel are identified on the product sheet as well as in your shopping cart. Otherwise, the option will not be available at the time of choosing the delivery or pick-up method or on the product sheet.

Please note that hazardous materials, chemicals and products that are sensitive to freezing are not available for parcel delivery. Building materials and clearance are also excluded from parcel delivery.

Can I select more than one shipping/pickup method for my order?

You can select the pickup/delivery method you want for each item in your cart. You will have the choice of in-store pickup, PM truck delivery and parcel delivery for each product. Only the delivery methods available for the product will be displayed. 

Please note that for operational reasons, some products are not available for PM truck and parcel delivery.

How long does it take to process and receive my order?

We will process your order as quickly as possible.

If it is a PM truck delivery, one of our store consultants will contact you to arrange a delivery date.

If it is a parcel delivery, you will receive a shipping email when the order is shipped. You will be able to track your order using the tracking number included in the email. Once your order is shipped, it will take 3 to 5 business days to receive it.

What are the possible carriers for parcel delivery?

The carrier will be determined according to your order, its weight and dimensions, as well as your delivery address. The carriers we deal with are Canada Post and Purolator.

Is parcel delivery available out of Quebec?

Parcel delivery is available in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. If the delivery address is outside these provinces, the order will be cancelled.

Do you deliver to PO Boxes?

No, we do not deliver to PO Boxes.

Do I need to show proof of purchase or ID at the time of pick-up?

At the time of in-store pick-up, you will need to go to the reception desk with your order number (WEBCXXXXXX), photo ID and the credit card used to pay for your order. 

Do you accept pick-up delegates?

If you are unable to travel to pick up your order yourself, we accept pick-up delegates. However, you must include the name of the person picking up your order in the comments before finalizing your order. During pick-up, the person will need to provide your name, order number (WEBCXXXXXX) and photo ID for validation purposes. 

Can your delivery people handle and enter the ordered goods inside my home?

Our delivery people do not handle any items at the place of delivery. They will drop off your merchandise near your entrance but will not be able to enter your home with your products.

Return & Exchange

What are the conditions of the return policy?

If you wish to return products for a purchase made online and/or in-store, simply return the unused items to any location within 90 days of purchase, and we will exchange or refund them. However, please note that the product must be in the same condition as at the time of purchase and must not have been used.

Proof of purchase (invoice) and original packaging are required for any exchange or refund. The refund will be issued according to the original method of payment. A product that is returned according to the conditions listed above, but without an invoice will be refunded in the form of a gift card at the lowest price in the system in the last 90 days. A product that is returned in damaged packaging (or without packaging) will be refunded in the form of a gift card.

If the product you wish to return is defective, please refer to the supplier's warranty. 

At any time, Patrick Morin Inc. reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to refuse a return or exchange.
The return policy is subject to change at any time without notice.

What are the exceptions to the return policy?

The following products are excluded from the return policy. They are therefore final sales. No exchange or refund on:

  • Special orders
  • Cut products
  • Custom paint/stain blends
  • Custom products
  • Clearance products
  • Products such as toilet seats, gloves, etc., for hygiene reasons)
  • Products containing gas (customers must refer to the user guide and/or the product website)
  • Gift cards

What are the possible applicable fees related to the return policy?

Some products may be subject to applicable fees if they are returned. These fees are as follows:

  • Deposits on special orders are not refundable.
  • Shipping charges are not refundable.
  • Products returned via our delivery truck are subject to a handling and delivery fee.

If your order was delivered to you by PM truck and you would like to make a return without having to go to the store that made the delivery, please contact the store that made the delivery. Our advisors will be able to schedule a time to pick up the merchandise. However, transportation fees will apply. We invite you to communicate directly with your store to know the terms and conditions for this type of return.

I made my purchase online. How can I return it?

Online orders are subject to the same terms and conditions as outlined in the return and exchange policy.

To make a return by parcel, access your order directly in your account or via the return form. You will need your order number beginning with "WEBC". You will be able to select the product to be returned, the quantity to be returned and the reason for the return.

You will receive an email with a return label to print and affix to the return packaging or an email code to present at the postal counter. The merchandise to be returned must be packaged as it was when you received it at your home. Then return the package to the post office nearest you.

How do I cancel a web order?

If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected]. Please note that once the order is shipped, it cannot be cancelled. A return request will need to be made at the time of receipt of the goods.

When will I get my refund?

When the merchandise is received at our warehouse, the product(s) will be verified and the return must be authorized beforehand. Refunds will be made according to the payment method used for the order if and when the return is accepted.

Please note that for operational reasons, parcel exchanges are not possible. A return request can only result in a refund.

Please note that credit card refunds may take up to 15 business days to process.

Can I return an item purchased in store by mail?

If you purchased your product in store or received your order by pickup or by PM truck, it is unfortunately impossible to return it by mail. At this point, you will have to come to the store to make your return.

I received a pallet with my order. How do I return it?

Some products will be delivered or picked up on one or more pallets depending on the quantity purchased. Additional charges will be added to your order depending on the type of pallet associated with the product. These fees are refundable according to the usual return and refund policy upon presentation of the purchase invoice and the condition of the pallet(s) within 90 days of purchase.

Price Adjustment Policy

I bought a regular-priced item, and it is now on sale. Do you have a price adjustment policy?

Patrick Morin strives to offer you the best value for money. If you believe that a price adjustment is necessary, we invite you to request one in-store.

If the item you purchased at regular price goes on sale less than 10 days after purchase, you may be entitled to a price adjustment between the regular price and the reduced price upon presentation of the invoice. It is not possible to obtain a price adjustment for end-of-season or liquidation products.

What are the conditions related to the price adjustment policy?

To benefit from the price adjustment policy:

  • You must present your invoice and proof of the reduced price in-store.
  • The item for which you are requesting a price adjustment must be in stock.

The only flyers that can be used for proof of a reduced price are our digital flyers posted on the patrickmorin.com, publisac.ca and reebee.com websites (including the app) and our printed flyers. No other flyers or promotional materials are admissible as evidence under the price adjustment policy.

What are the exclusions from the price adjustment policy?

The price adjustment policy does not apply to all products. Some exclusions apply:

  • Clearance products are excluded from this price adjustment policy.
  • The price adjustment policy does not apply to items offered for a limited time or in limited quantities.
  • This policy does not apply to items subject to a special, personalized, or custom order.

Our price adjustment policy does not apply to the following products:

  • Treated wood
  • Spruce wood
  • OSB
  • Plywood

In addition, our price adjustment policy excludes:

  • Category or branded discount items
  • Merchandise offered on sale
  • Products found at a retailer that sells only online

 Items that have a lower competitive price as a result of an advertising error, typographical error, or promotional offer

The item I want to buy is less expensive from a competitor. What can I do?

If you find an item at Patrick Morin and discover that it sells for less at a local competitor, we will offer it to you at the same price! This policy applies if all the conditions listed below are met and it is not an excluded product.

In such a case, certain conditions apply:

  • The competitor's physical store must be located at a maximum distance of 25 km from your Patrick Morin store.
  • The make, model and manufacturer of the product must be identical.
  • The competitor's product must be in new condition and part of its regular inventory.
  • The competitor's item must be at regular price and not discounted.
  • Proof of competitive pricing must be presented and deemed satisfactory by your Patrick Morin store.

The item I want to buy is part of a promotional offer. What can I do?

Unfortunately, products subject to a promotional offer* are excluded from our price adjustment policy. Thus, if the item purchased at regular price is included in one of the promotions below, without limitation, the latter will not be subject to a price adjustment.

*Promotional prices include, but are not limited to: Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, mega sales, Boxing Day and after Christmas sales, manufacturer discounts or original prices, coupons or vouchers, bonuses or gratuity offers, the sale of end-of-series or clearance items, the sale of display items or demonstrators, the sale of refurbished items, the sale of open-box items, and any other promotion or event intended to offer an item at a price below the list price.


Do you offer a financing program?

Yes, we have a financing service with Fairstone Financial. See all the details here.

How do I apply for financing at Patrick Morin?

There are three ways to apply for financing: going online, scanning the QR code displayed in-store using your smartphone, or texting “Patrickmorin” to 51767. For more details, see the Financing section of our website.

Is there a minimum purchase amount I must meet to obtain financing?

No, no minimum purchase is required.

What should I do if I don't have an email address and want financing?

An email address is required. Your transaction slips and monthly statements will be sent to the email address you provide.

What address should I include on my financing application if I am moving soon?

Fairstone Financial will validate the address on your application with the credit bureau. It is therefore suggested to enter your current address, as it is already written on your credit file. Once your application has been approved, you will be able to change your address.

Will I receive a Patrick Morin credit card?

No, no credit card will be issued. However, you will have a two-year line of credit with Fairstone Financial.

What happens if my financing application is denied?

If your application is refused, you will receive details by email and you can contact a Fairstone Financial agent if you wish.

Can I add a co-applicant if my application for financing is denied?

No, it is not possible to add a co-applicant.

Is there a fee to join the financing program?

No, there is no membership fee, but an annual fee of $35 will be charged by Fairstone Financial on your first statement of account, and annually thereafter.

What are the fees for the annual Fairstone line of credit and when should I pay the annual fee?

The fee is $35 per year as long as there is a balance owing. No annual fee will be charged if there is no balance to pay on the anniversary date of opening your account.

The annual fee will be charged on your first statement of account, and then annually on the anniversary date of opening your account, as long as you have a balance to pay.

What should I do if my Fairstone password doesn't work?

If your Fairstone password doesn’t work, please contact the Fairstone Financial Administration Centre.

You can call 1-888-638-2274 or chat from the Fairstone Financial home page. Fairstone Financial customer service is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. except December 25.

Can I use my Fairstone line of credit at a business other than Patrick Morin?

No, your available line of credit can be used only at Patrick Morin.

What happens if the full balance of my purchase is not paid when my financing plan expires?

If there is a balance to be paid on the maturity date of your financing plan, interest charges will be charged on the remaining balance in the account. If you wish, you can ask a Fairstone Financial agent if it is possible to convert your line of credit balance into a personal loan.

I would like to use the parcel delivery service, but I can't select the Fairstone option. Why?

To use Fairstone Financial's payment method on a parcel delivery order, your entire order must be shipped via parcel delivery.

Services for Contractors

Do you offer estimation services?

Yes, we offer in-store support to estimate your projects. Our advisors are here to guide you through all your decisions, whether you are constructing a new home, renovating a bathroom, laying a new floor or building a flower box.

What services are offered to contractors?

We have a team dedicated to helping contractors. They provide personalized service, have representatives on the road, offer delivery service and work extended hours to serve you better.

I want to open a contractor account. How do I do this?

Whether you are working for yourself or a company, you can open a contractor account in-store with a PRO counter advisor. Certain conditions apply. For more details, please contact the PRO counter at your Patrick Morin store.

I can't log in to my account via the website. Why?

For the moment, it is unfortunately not possible to log in online with your contractor account number.